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1) First list all your OC's by first name so we can see your list of all your wonderful OC's:

1. Rae Collwell
2. Alice Tanner
3. Grace Morgan
4. Jade Avery
5. Leo Morgan
6. Jenna
7. Damon
8. Julio
9. Brady
10. Leno
11. Sidra
12. Elena
13. Destiny
14. Aisha
15. Charlie
16. Danny
17. Ray
18. Cage

2) Who is your favorite OC?
Definitely Sidra (no matter how much she hates me :XD:)

3) Who is your least favorite?
Aisha and Rae, both are just classic Mary-Sues waiting to get pregnant -_-

4) Who is your most developed?
Charlie, she has a lot of aspects to her but at least I know where I'm going with her XD

5) Which OC would you want to date if they magically came to life?

Cage <3 :XD:

6) How many girl OCs do you have? Boy OCs? It OCs?

*scrolls back up to count*
Girls: 10
Boys: 9
It: 0

7) If you were stuck in a burning building what do you think the third OC on your list would do?

Probably pull me out and accuse me of doing homicide by burning a building :XD:

8) Name one thing you regret about one of your OCs.

I made Rae Collwell such a Mary-Sue that I don't even like the idea of her anymore. No one is that perfect :P

9) Which of your OCs do you think would make the best father/mother/it parent out of all your OCs and why??

Um... probably Damon. He's smart enough and nice enough but.... he has an illegal job XD Jenna might do an okay job too, seeing as how she is a teacher :P

10) Which of your OCs do you think will most likely be put in jail?

:XD: I like this question.
Um, probably Charlie. She does drugs, drinks and drives, and she's a hooker :P pretty classic if she goes to jail.
Though, my next guess would be Ray :P

11) The eighth of your OCs was put into the future! What will their job be?!?

A male model, struttin' his stuff ;)

12) Name the first OCs catch phrase! (if they don't have one just make one up)

"Stupid ducky, stop eating my treckle tart!"

13) Do all your OCs live together or are they separated?

No, only Leo and Grace, and Ray, Danny, and Cage live together :P

14) Are there any pairings that are in your OC list?

within the OCs? Or pairings in general?

Within the list:

AliceXLeo Leo has an unrequited crush on Alice
JennaXJulio Jenna has an unrequited crush on Julio (Me: Julio is too in love with himself -_-)
BradyXJulio Brady has an unrequited crush on Julio
JennaXDamon Damon has a crush on Jenna
CharlieXDanny Charlie and Danny have a love-hate relationship

General pairings:

RaeXGeorge are going out (me: *stabby* *stab* *stab* >:()
GraceXSirius had a fling
JadeXRemus have a mutual crush
KoujiXDestinyXKouchi love triangle -_-

15) Your seventh OC switched bodies with you for a day! How will they react at the end of the day?

Damon: "......your breasts are near flat"
Me: "*hits Damon over the head* Creep...

16) Your last OC just became a fifteen year old. What do they do?

Er Cage would probably buy himself an ice cream cone and try to make a song about it XD

17) Now randomly select a person on your OC list. Who was it?


18) That OC you just chose? Yeah they think they are superman (even if they are a girl) and are on the roof about to jump off.

Destiny: "Superman is for losers... I'M BATMAN" XD (Me: I know someone will appreciate that XD)

19) Are any of your OCs bored of this meme?

The ones who haven't been mentioned already left for break -_-

20) Would your second OC prefer the beach or the mountains?

Alice would probably prefer a more secluded spot on the beach.

21) Would your tenth OC battle a shark?

He'd try -_- and probably lose an arm (me: *think: I LOVE CRIPPLES*) DO IT LENO DO IT!!!

22) Which OC's hate each other?

Damon and Julio
Sidra and Aisha

23) Which OC did you create first? And last?

First was Rae, Last was Cage

25) And if those two were fighting, who would win?

Rae, because she's a stupid Mary-Sue... wait I'm in control!
CAGE SHALL WIN!!!!!!!!!!

26) Are your OCs fat or skinny?

I have different OCs that are both as well as average :P

27) What are your first 2 OC's favorite foods?

Rae likes candy
Alice enjoys sushi

28) Tag three or more people

Er... Mishell
and MishLDirnt

you've been tagged thrice, you have to do it ;)
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OK, buisness is slow, so if anyone would like to request something that would be great XD.
Um.....I'm talking for Photo Manipulations, because I don't really draw too well XD.
Well, give me a comment if you want :P
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It' invisible right now, but :iconmishldirnt: tagged me :P
Unless she magically puts it up soon then in which case it isn't invisible ^^
If you decide to fill this out then Link me to it... I'm curious :P

RULES1. Choose a few of your own characters. Five at the most.
2. Make them answer the following questions.
3. Tag three people

I choose:
Rae Collwell (The witch)
Charlie (The bad girl)
Sidra (The loner)
Damon (Mr. Smarty Pants McGue :P)
Julio (That guy over there XD)

How old are you?
Rae Collwell – 16
Charlie – That depends who’s asking :P
Sidra – ….early teens…
Damon – twenty two
Julio – I’m in my last year of high school

What's your height:
Rae Collwell – er I dunno, probably around 5’4….
Charlie – um….. does vertically challenged mean anything to you?
Sidra - …..hmm…..(can I go now?)(me:NO)
Damon – only 5’9 (Charlie: ONLY) XD
Julio – I’m 6’2, good looking, and waiting for someone to fill my sexual needs ;) (Me: -_-)

Do you have any bad habits?
Rae Collwell – I eat a lot of sweets….But I swear I’m not THAT bad :D
Charlie – Um…. I drink, smoke, and do drugs…….Beat that ;)
Sidra – …….I hate talking to people…….
Damon – er….I brag sometimes…..and have a tendency to correct people a little too often :P
Julio – Nope, I’m perfect ;) (Me: The fellow thinks too highly of himself…. ALL THE TIME) I am no fellow of yours >.>

Are you a virgin?
Rae Collwell – As of now, yes
Charlie - …… you really need to ask since the last question?
Sidra - ….yes…
Damon – unfortunately….
Julio – hahahahahahahahah XD NOOO!!!

Who's your mate/spouse?
Rae Collwell – Er… there is this guy I like… but no spouse. (Me: God, Rae you’re boring -_-)
Charlie - *snorts* I can’t hold on to guys that well to say the truth XD
Sidra - …..*snorts*……..(we’ll leave it at that)
Damon – There is someone, but she doesn’t know I exist
Julio – Nobody is worth basking in my glory ;)

What's your favorite ice cream flavor?
Rae Collwell – COTTON CANDY!!!!!!!!
Charlie – Rum and Butter ^-^
Sidra – …………..(is not here, please leave a message after the tone *BEEP*)(Me: ;-_-)
Damon – Um… how is this significant?
Julio – Swirl, soft ice cream, covered in chocolate and sprinkles… OOOH and caramel ^-^

Have you killed anyone?
Rae Collwell – IT WAS AN ACCIDENT!!! (Me: So, NOW you get more interesting -_-)
Charlie – Not intentionally
Sidra – ……………….(Me: Hunts down Sidra)
Damon – Yes.
Julio - …Maybe… Nobody that was important though. (Me: ;-_-)

Do you hate anyone?
Rae Collwell – O.o No. (Me: Stupid Mary-Sue ;-_-)
Charlie – Hate is such a strong, yet accurate, word :)
Sidra - *grumbles* Yes *glares at me* (Me; ;))
Damon – I strongly dislike many people, but not so much hate…
Julio – Yes, I hate my teachers, and my father, and… oh you’re gonna want to right this down :)

Do you love anyone?
Rae Collwell – Um….*stared adoringly at an adorable redhead* (Me: NOOOOOO!!!! George is MINEEE!!!!!!!! *glares with much hatred*) O.o
Charlie – No, not really no one is really worth it *huffs*
Sidra – Er…the small amount of friends I do have I suppose….
Damon – Love is such a strong emotion…. I don’t know if I do or ever have or even will…
Julio – Yes…. I love ME!!!!!!! (Me: -_- of course you do)

What is your job?
Rae Collwell – Working at Honeydukes of course *-* (Me: Now you’re speaking my language!!!!!)
Charlie – Um….I’m an *muffled response* (Me: What was that) I said *muffled response* (Me: Say it before I shoot you -_-) I’M A *insert swear word here* HOOKER
Sidra – I don’t have one.
Damon – I’m a hacker
Julio – I don’t NEED a job, my parents are rich :P

Boy or girl?
Rae Collwell - *snorts* I’m a girl…
Charlie – I am WOMEN. Hear me ROAR!
Sidra - Female
Damon – I am of the Male gender
Julio – I’m a man ;)

What do you do to relax?
Rae Collwell – Take a nap :3
Charlie – Smoke, drink, snort, whatever I have in arms reach that isn’t good for me :P
Sidra - ….I read while I’m listening to music….
Damon - Shove pens up someones nose :P (Me: O.o) No, really, try it. It’s relaxing until they start screaming >=)
Julio – I look in a mirror :D

What song do you think would best describe yourself?
Rae Collwell – Ooooh! I’m like Don’t Forget by Demi Lovato ^-^ deffinitely
Charlie – I’m kind of like that girl from Remembering Sunday by All Time Low :P
Sidra - ….Perfect by Simple Plan…:(
Damon – Creep by Radiohead XD
Julio –  OOOOoooOOOOh!!! Definitely: Top of the World by the All American Rejects

Any hidden talents no one knows about you?
Rae Collwell – I can work really well with Magical creatures and I’m an animigaus (Me: STUPID MARY-SUE!!!!!!!) :)
Charlie – I actually really like to read, bet you didn’t expect that from a hooker ;)
Sidra - ….I can sing?.....
Damon – I like to write stories
Julio – I’m actually really good at sports.

What do you think of your creator?
Rae Collwell – Dispite what she thinks of me she’s as awesome as this piece of cotton candy *holds up C.C.* (Me: *ravaging look* CANDY!!!*tackles Rae to the ground and takes candy floss* MINE!!!!!! :3)
Charlie – eh, she’s alright, I don’t mind her BUT SHE COULDN’T GIVE ME A MORE CRAPPY LIFE!!!! (Me: *innocent look*)
Sidra - ….*snorts* She’s annoying and she CHAINED ME HERE!!!! I HATE her -_- (Me: Aww, Sidra, I love you too ^-^)
Damon – She’s nice enough to give me my own lap top, I like her ^-^. (Me: -_-)
Julio – …….Let’s talk about me ^-^

What color is your hair?
Rae Collwell – Raven Black of course ^-^
Charlie – I have dyed blond hair.
Sidra - ….my hair is brown, just brown….
Damon – I’m an awesome red head (Me: *drools*)
Julio – That’s more like it ^-^. I have blond hair of course ^-^

If you had a million dollars... What would you do?
Rae Collwell – Convert it into wizarding money :P And buy lots of candy <3
Charlie – Buy myself a new life :P
Sidra - ….buy more books, and music…and probably move out of my parent’s house -_-…
Damon – I’d learn how to fly planes… then probably crash one :P
Julio – Buy stuff for ME, including some hookers (Charlie: O.O) ;)

BONUS QUESTION!!!Have you ever masturbated?
Rae Collwell – Um… no
Charlie – *snorts* I think we all know the answer to that XD
Sidra - ….*shakes head in a “no” type fashion*
Damon – Er….. maybe ;)
Julio – *giggle* *giggle* (Me: O.o)

Who to Tag…
You *points at random person
You *points at someone else*
And…uh…. YOU *points at another person* ^-^
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Okay I'll say it right here and now, I've ran out of ideas for photos and what not.
I was thinking that maybe the public could throw out some ideas for me to do,
and while you're at it I wanted to do something with this picture:…
as well as this one:… but separately,
if you have any ideas for these pictures OR for anything else please comment!

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